SPRING IS HERE. Just a few weeks ago I was praying (begging really) to God asking for Him to give us Amelie on Easter. SHE LOVES EASTER. the eggs, the soft furry bunny, the fanfare, the Jesus rises from the dead talk, she loves it all. Last year we got to spend it at the La Jolla Country Club with Aunti Emily and Grandma Lala, she rode a golf cart around the course, ate bacon, and got scratched by a terrified little bunny at the petting zoo. She fixated on that scratch for months. She was so upset that such a tiny, soft, squishy little animal could cause her harm. It was cute and sad, really. We took the most awkward photo with the Easter Bunny, who sort of smelled like sandalwood and scotch, but that's another story, and it was hysterical. we loved it. Because it was at the Country Club, there were more eggs than anyone knew what to do with. It was a bonanza of candy.

Year before we spent Easter at Baba's house (grandmother in German), my sister's MIL. She LOVED that too. She asked for months afterwards, "can we go to baba's house again?" she loved the pool, the hot tub, the doting attention, the dress up, and, of course, the candy.

aaaand the years before that, we spent it at Grandfather's and Gigi's house in Auburn. Now that is an egg hunt. Eggs were hidden all over the property, in grass that is vibrantly green and damp, sitting in flower beds carrying the smell of spring and the dew of April showers. she wore the best dresses on Easter, last year a navy sailor dress with her name engraved on it, and little knee high socks with matching navy bows, her curls pinned partly back with a beautiful bow. The year before she wore a mint green tulle dress, gold mary janes, and a giant bow in her ponytail hair. DARLING. like, melt your heart out DARLING.  (Brave was barefoot, no surprise there.) We laughed, sat in the sun, and enjoyed each other.

Easter brings great memories for us, and this year will be no exception.


Christos Anesti!