For the first time in a long, looooonnng time, the Hubbs and I went on a date. Where do you ask? on the water of course.

Hubbs has two pretty dope paddle boards, one short and sporty, the other long and lean built for speed (like myself......ha! not so much. If there was a paddle board built for competitive cuddling, that would be me). We found ourselves in the middle of the afternoon, the house full of help, Amelie sleeping, Bravery at school, and we were like, BOOM, let's roll out.

OK, that's totally not accurate. that's not even remotely accurate. I confess, I wanted to take a nap and watch Netflix on my bed.  It was chilly, lots of clouds, and the sun was setting soon (SD is not known for it's warm nights, it gets chillywoo here once the marine layer rolls in), and the water temp is still a wee bit FREEZING. burr. But since the Hubbs never wants to go anywhere these days, and we are rarely alone--i mean RARELY, not even in our own house, ever--I knew I had to roger up. Here I was, with my warm tea, a sweatshirt, palming my son's iPad on my way to the bedroom so excited snuggle under the down comforter with only a slight amount of guilt, and possibly a piece of chocolate or two...the Hubbs looks at me and says, "Babe, let's go boarding." not enthusiastic at all, i just said, "uhhh, but....ummm..." He simply replied, "Please don't say no." Damn. Hooked me in. And for the record he says 'no' to me ALL THE TIME, but I'm not one to keep score soooo.....there we went.

So stoked I did.

It was chilly for sure, but as soon as I started paddling my ass off (Dude! I had to just to keep up with him. he was like, going sooo slow, at one point he started doing squats on his board to give me time to catch up. show off) I worked up a sweat and all of a sudden: I looked up and saw that we were the only two crazies, uh I mean, people on the water. FOR REALZ. there was only two boats and one kayaker, (is kayaker a word? it is now.) in the ENTIRE BAY. It was glorious.

We paddled the whole bay, reminiscing memories spent on the beach before kids, memories that seem like a lifetime ago, and for one hour, one slightly-sweaty-slighty-chilly hour, gazing upon scenery so beautiful it almost looked like a Pixar movie-set, life was awesome. An afternoon like that used to be commonplace in our lives, now it's the highlight of the week.

We just need those moments, don't we? Moments that take us away from the sometimes shitty world we often live in, and get out of own minds (the most powerful self-torture device) and just BE in BEAUTY. If you ever get a chance to grab a paddle, do it asap man. It's so cleansing and fun, and you're like, working hard, but not really working that hard, one of my favorite combos.....



Amelie's Mommy.