Christos Anesti!

Easter was so awesome!

Hubbs got up at dawn, drank his coffee and prayed over Amelie, and was in the water before I opened my eyes. He went to church with a buddy while Brave and I hung out in our pajamas eating homemade pancakes, just chillaxn. Amelie sleeps every day from 9-1pm usually, the hardcore seizure meds just plow her to sleep, but it's restful powerful sleep, so we respect her quiet time.

We met some of mi familia at church for Catholic Mass (a must for us good Catholic sinners...Hubbs went to two church services that day, pretty impressive) and we even brought Amelie! Our adorable nurse Emi came with us (fellow Catholic, not fellow sinner). She, like, epitomizes the definition of an Amelie's Angel. case in point: we got to the church, and as we move Lulubunz into her wheelchair, we realized her entire lovely dress and tights were WET. leaky diaper, soaked through. So Emi the Angel took Lulu and her wet bunz outside in the courtyard (wheelchair wouldn't fit in the bathroom) and changed her diaper in the chair. like a magician, while we went inside the church to repent, uh, I mean worship with glee). Afterwards the priest blessed her little sleeping head and said a special prayer for her.

Then we went home and began the festivities. Daddy and Bravery discussed the Easter Bunny's unknown whereabouts, Daddy hid 5,00000bazillion eggs in the backyard. The weather is warm here, so some of those eggs took a turn for the not-so-delicious. Our dear friends came over, Asher, who shall be hereby known as "The BFF" and Taj and Zeke, and of course, baby Caden who's not a baby but I will always call her Baby Ladybug. Anyway, they went crazy, Brave had a massive meltdown, they all got baskets with candy and processed junk food, we ate a lovely dinner (my roast chicken, which is divine, hearty and healthy salad brought by Tania, and artisan goat cheese by Bart. all of which were culinary perfections.) and once the sugar highs started to set in, everyone bolted. It was nuts and we loved it.

by 6pm, the house was clean, I was in a food coma, and we were left with a quiet house, a sleeping Amelie, a candy drunk Brave, and an exhausted, and full hearts. We finished the day with a reflecting prayer, openly in awe of the knowledge of Christ's Resurrection, and a simple "THANK YOU."  and some alka seltzer.

Christos Anesti


Amelie's Mommy.