Texas Angel

Today we had a lovely little visitor (and I mean that literally, she's petite and gorgeous) from Texas. 

It should be noted to all reading this, Texas has been our home away from home for many years. the Hubbs has brothers-from-other-mothers there, and they have become family. At one point we were going to Texas so much we didn't go anywhere else for vacation. We love our Texas family to the point of scary. and they have taken care of us, often in outrageously generous and usually hilarious ways. We couldn't have gotten through the last 6 years without them. no joke.

So when Angel Sherri came by, her brief visit is really an honor. The founder of The Boot Campaign, she's one of the kindest, smartest, most endearing, laid-back, cool as hell lady (or should I say, doctor) I've ever met. Her Santa Boots program is so incredible, it totally MADE our Christmas one year. We cried and cried opening this box she sent. Sir Shakespeare famously said, "the eyes are the window to the soul." I haven't always believed that, b/c I have brown eyes and they are pretty basic and I've always been meh about them, but with Sherri, it's the TRUTH! Crystal blue and impossibly bright, her eyes radiate the light from within. 

What's even cooler is she and Aunti Char (a regular Amelie's Angel visitor) got to witness Amelie's teacher work with Amelie and get her to COMMUNICATE. (Lulu's teacher is another Angel, she's practically family at this point. She's been a staple at our house for over a year, and I'm honored she got to know Amelie before the strokes hit. Teacher Candace is truly an angel to us......ok yes I use the word angel a whole lot. sensing a theme? I mean, the blog's called Amelie's Angels for Pete's sake, get used to it.)

It's such a heart wrenching thing, seeing a person exist without being able to express themselves. Some days it makes me want to throw up in anguish. But when Teacher Candace shows us how Amelie can very easily tell us "YES" or "NO", it's pretty powerful. We all tear up every time. There's this mixed bag of emotion, joy and pain (the theme of life, I've discovered) and when Amelie very clearly pushes a button with her foot or knee to play a song, we almost can't handle it. It's beautiful. Her mobility is so limited, all she can do it a micro movement, but it's there and its an unmistakable attempt to talk to us.

That being said.... I have something to say. Amelie can't move her body. But her MIND is there. I just know it. It doesn't show up on pictures, b/c even her eye movement is limited, but she's THERE. make no mistake. She would love nothing more than to run jump hug swim climb play. but she can't. so, in honor of her, please get off your ass and move your body. You don't have to run a marathon tomorrow, but do SOMETHING. go outside and take a long walk around the neighborhood. stretch on your living room floor. Use your legs. Try yoga (that shit will change your life, for real). Dance around your living room when no one is looking (I may or may not do that). The most PERFECTLY designed machine in the history of the world is the magnificent human body. please people, use it.

ok sorry for that rant.... anyway, it was a short but lovely visit on a GORGEOUS, I'm talking STUNNINGLY PERFECT SUNNY afternoon. I could have talked to these women for hours (a blessing and a curse, I'm afraid to admit. all my friends who've ever tried to leave me as I inappropriately linger in the doorway or the car, are all nodding in agreement right now) and saying bye to them was hard. But I means so much to us for people to come see Amelie. We were so quarantined for so long during the chemo crap, and now, for Amelie's comfort, we're just home a lot. so having someone come out of their way to see her, hold her darling soft hand, which she will squeeze back, and let her hear your voice, those moments are just so cool. 

Also it reminded me of just how many angels have taken care of us. so when people say to me, "I don't know how you do it" or "you're so strong." I really want to reply, it's because of the people who lift me up every day dude, and Starbucks.


Ameilie's Mommy

p.s. no, we are not moving to Texas, ever. I know I'm going to get 5 texts asking when we're moving to Texas and people, it's never going to happen. Unless Texas somehow becomes an official part of the state of California, then I'll consider it. and only if I live near a Whole Foods and a juice bar that I can ride my beach cruiser too. actually no, even then I wouldn't move. sorry Texas familia. 

p.p.s. please please check out www.bootcampaign.org. it's an organization that changes lives and it's badass!