Uncle Bear!

We had a generally relaxing weekend here at Casa de Amelie--the weather was mid-80s and glorious. Amelie slept A TON, hot tubbed it up. I went to a particularly challenging spin class where I almost threw up. Brave went to the movies, had a fever and did throw up. Daddy did his daddy thing and rode his new skateboard (there may have been a fall or two, just sayin)

Having a sick little Brave made me realize something: we totally take for granted his health. this little viking has rarely gets sick--isn't that a taste of opposites. I felt so bad for when he woke up at 4am with a fever or 104degrees! not cool man. literally, not cool. It immediately hearkened me back to the days of Amelie being sick all of the time, making SURE we had grape-flavored Tylenol b/c that was the only medicine she'd willingly ingest. Surprisingly, Bravery was the same way. He wouldn't touch the red stuff (cherry, it might has well been human blood. he panicked), but we got the little guy to feed himself grape, "just like sister" he adorably exclaimed the next day.

It did unearth a whole host of questions from him, though, such as:

"Mommy, if you don't take your medicine, does your brain get sick?" um, sometimes...well not exactly.

"Daddy, I'm sick but I don't have to go to da hospissal like Amelita, right Daddy?" No Bravery, you're not going to the hospital.

"Mommy, you know what makes sick go away?" What Brave? "medicine and Jesus, and McDonalds....Mommy can I go to McDonalds?" crap, he got me there. CONFESSION time: Father, it's been several months since my last confession and I have sinned. What is your confession my dear? i caved. i broke my rule. I picked up McDonalds and it went full crazy on it: chicken nuggets, fries, even a SPRITE. (while I ate a delicious Vegan dinner with a side of chicken). BRAVE loved it. munched it down like it was the first meal of his life. at one point i even said, McDonalds actually makes people more sick than better, Bravery." Well, not me Mommy. I am better now." ugh sigh. #yolo

But, best part of all, we had an unexpected visitor this weekend--Uncle John (or Bear, as he's otherwise known). One of our besties while we lived in VA, he's hysterical in a totally calm, even-keel type of way. We love Uncle Bear.  His brief blast from the past really MADE our weekend.