Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to this Handsome Devil......

Ok it was yesterday. But, to be quite honest, I am not one to celebrate anniveraries (which is odd b/c I can find a reason to celebrate a green light, or the perfect smoothie, give me anything and I'll find a way to celebrate it. but for some reason anniversaries of many kinds just come up, I need to explore that....) and, also I was just in a crappy place yesterday. I felt deeply saddened, overwhelmed, and didn't want to be online or social media. It's part of this process. So instead of fight it, I just sat in it, went to the mall, and wandered. You know you're sad when Nordstrom doesn't even sound appealing! the horror! But after awhile, I felt it melt away....then I worked out and by the time I came home (to red roses, yellow tulips, and carbs in a massive bowl), I was in a better place.

Hard to believe 8 years ago was the FUNNEST day of my life. It was just one of those days, started at 7am, ended at 4:30am, that was perfect in every way--from the romantic, meaningful speeches, to the naked 3rd story pool jumps (not by me, I was the classy lady in the hottub IN MY WEDDING GOWN). It was effin perfect.

Happy Anniversary Hubbs