Angel El

So we had a visit from another lovely little angel: beautiful little Elwood. even at this young of an age, they instantly had a connection. I don't know what it was, but Elwood would not stop kissing on Amelie!! It was kinda ADORBS. Best part tho....SHE SMILED.  Very rarely do we see her smile. And even more rare is being able to capture it. Just knowing that Amelie can smile is like… Everything.

 Elwood's daddy is quite the accomplished musician and her mom has a lovely singing voice, so he played music, had a family barbecue, and we all sang Moana songs. A simple, unexpected evening that really put us at ease for several hours. We were having a rough week. Some days you're just in the dumps despite all the praying and affirmations and lots of chocolate, so this impromptu dinner with friends we never see (i'm talkin like, once a year if we're lucky) is such a gift.

I got weepy when little Elwood left, that munchkin just touched my heart. I'm such a sap. I totally confess: she made me want to have another baby! I don't know if that's in the cards for us though. totally leaving that one up to God. some days I long for another child, but then I don't... I don't know if it's to replace the feeling of having my little girl back or just my biological clock is winding down?  I also think I don't know if we can handle another baby right now. We are overloaded with work and confused emotions. And I really don't want to get fat again. For serious.  I got really fat. But who knows...tis for the Gods to decide.

But I tell ya, little Elwood made us all warm and fuzzy inside, even Lulu.

i mean, dat smile doh!!