It takes a village

Amelie having a school lessen by her teacher Ms Candace, her OT Cindy, and her music therapist Marielle. Best lesson of the week. (With me and our nurse, that makes 5 women and one little girl...poor Hubbs, there's so much estrogen flowing through this house every day he literally sits in hit garage, his manroom, to escape the daily Steal Magnolia's female energy!) She also has PT and a speech therapist that comes in to show us ways in which Amelie is trying to communicate.

Amelie's teachers are truly incredible, she LOVES this class, which only happens once a week. OT Cindy sits with Amelie in her lap, holding her head up, while teacher Candace helps navigate the songs/lessons, and Marielle plays guitar and sings to Amelie. every once in awhile, Amelie perks up and tries to sing! It's hard work for Amelita, she usually passes out in a nap after, but we know she loves it.


Candace giving her water a sponge stick in between songs