The raffle alone is worth it! My amazing cousing (you rock Drew) at Vons Zipper hooked us up with a swag bag of dope sunglasses, my friend Talia at Garmin donated a rad Garmin Vivo HR smartwatch. it's super nice! And Lululemon gave $20. (which one of them is not like the other? LOL!)

Alisha is one hell of a spin instructor--she makes me WEEP like a baby in the (thank God) dark spin room pretty much every time. i forget i'm there to work out some days, it feels like therapy. so she's the perfect person to get a group of people together and create this ENERGY.

its not about the money or the beers afterwards or the attention (which I actually don't enjoy, at all. makes me super uncomfortable) or any of that. It's about the ENERGY. like, prayer, but on a bike workin up a sweat.  Prayer and ENERGY towards healing AMELIE. I mean, what else is there, you know???

and the little princess might be making an appearance, if all goes well!

Hope to see yall tomorrow !



Amelie's Mommy