Visit from an Angel

Amelita had an unexpected visitor the other night, one of her Auntie Angels....this one (whom I've known forEVS, and whom Hubbs affectionately named, "Courtney-The-Wise" because she's an old soul with a whole lotta life knowledge) came dressed like a sultry, slightly whimsical, modern version of Leonardo DaVinci (you're probably asking yourself, how's that even possible? I don't know, but it just is. Like, as if she just painted the Virtruvian WoMan and rose up on her horse or something, she's magical that way.) Amelie was sleeping most of the time, but, like all angels, they often appear while we're sleeping and bless us with their presence with a kiss.



(The sock rolled up in her hand gives her paralyzed hand something to grip so her fingers don't tighten up into a ball)