Beach Baby

Godmother Emily and I took Lulu on a 3 hour excursion this lovely holiday weekend. It was a little rough on her, being in the darn chair for that long, but after weighing the option of staying inside on a gorgeous spring day or smelling the salt air, we chose the latter.

we took her down to the water, a long not so relaxing walk through the beach neighborhoods, and finally ended up near the bay. It wasn't until I sat down with her there that I realized, the last time I was there with her at that spot, was the same day in September 2016 she had a stroke. The last day I heard her truly talk. The last day she ever walked. The last day she ever saw on herself on the swing. It was pretty overwhelming moment, but luckily the sky was blue, the ocean waves lulled us into a happy trance, and (i) we were in the company of Emily, and....we may it may not have stopped for a beer and a taco on the way home while Amelie snored in her chair, just sayin. It's important to face those moments you know, the ones that bring you complete discomfort. I would have missed out a lovely day with my girl and Amelie would have just sat inside.

 It was such a good day!