People ask me all the time what and how Amelie eats. 

she cant eat by mouth.  she doesn't have the muscle strength/coordination/ability to chew and swallow. She's a major choke risk. the hot tub can be a little dicey bc we have to keep her mouth protected and out of the water at all times.

so we feed her via gtube. Medications and formula. in truth, I just got sick of the standard chemical-laced Nestlè formula that was loaded with sugar, "flavorings" (what is that even?), soy, toxic oil blend, and lab manufactured vitamins. So now we feed her NOURISH, by Functional Formularies. It's a small company based out of the Midwest, started by a woman whose father got sick and wanted to give him WHOLE FOOD.

it's organic and vegan. Gluten, dairy, soy, GMO all free, made from real food. 

I could easily make this myself. I love to cook and I believe in the healing power of nutrition. But I just don't have it in me to be honest.

I have nothing against meat--I eat paleo A LOT. lamb, steak is a regular at our dinner feasts, and every Sunday I make the world's best roast chicken. We had toyed with the idea of doing the ketogenic diet, but our neurologist wasn't totally convinced and thought it would've been more trouble than the benefit would provide.  Some days I toy with the idea of grounding up some of that delicious roast chicken in and putting it into her gtube. But, sadly, I just haven't. I guess it worries the hell out of me. I mean, I did it when she was 6 mo old, but can't seem to do it now.

every day we are sure to stimulate her orally. Frozen yogurt tubes, little bites of ice cream, coconut water, juice, all on a little sponge stick so she doesn't get too much and choke. I also put XTC coconut oil and Nordic Naturals highly concentrated fish oil in her G-tube. Best of all, lollipops. Have you ever had a jolly rancher lollipop?! Dear Lord Almighty!! those are delicious. They make your mouth water so much though it's like you have to spit 15 times every time you take a lick. Totally packed with flavor.  and oh sooooo good!

Amelie LOVES those suckers. (Get it, those suckers hahaha ok shutit, it's funny.)



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