Hippie food!

One of the blessings in this otherwise hellacious shitty time is all the lovely gifts we get. People just send us stuff. Its so touching. Makes the heart hurt and melt. I know it's because they want to help and be a part of it this journey somehow...but what I want everyone to know is this: you don't need to send us anything! We know that you are a part of this journey with us. I never see or talk to my friends as often as I want to, esp those who don't live here, but you are all with us in spirit. Your prayers keep Amelie in your hearts and keep her uplifted.

That being said however… I DO like the goodies and we wholeheartedly appreciate it. It has become my new favorite thing to come home and find a box on my front doorstep. It seriously makes me feel like it's Christmas morning and I kind of freak out inside with excitement.

last week we were sent a box of the most delicious sweets I think I've ever had the honor of putting in my mouth (from a generous, kind woman named Laura.  we've never met, she lives on the East Coast, but she heard about our little family and has directly impacted our lives for the better.) Seriously check this company out, it's crazy effin good: Wicked Good Cupcakes.

I literally worked out twice in one day so I could come home and have one of these delectable little jars of heavenly creation divineness. They make perfect party favors or gifts. BOSS ate 4 in one day. I've had to give them away to keep us from eating them bc they're just so amazing.   

Flipside: this weekend my friend Tiffany from Texas sent me hippie food. My God I love hippie food, or as hippies call it, real food. Almost as much as I love dessert. Healthy, organic, with ingredients that are good for the body, and, I do admit as I pick the seeds out of my teeth, it takes a little getting used to in terms of flavor and texture. Luckily, I have a husband who is totally down for that kind of granola stuff. We are half hippie/yuppie. I urge everyone to start paying attention to what they're putting in they're mouths. Food can be poison or medicine. Ok my rant is done. I ate pizza beer and donuts for lunch in one day this week so I'm no saint. But food is something Americans just shovel into their mouths without consideration of origin or impact. Ok I'm really done now. My hippie comin out. don't worry, I won't stop shaving any time soon and i'll never EVER buy a Prius. 

Check this company out too, the cookies are effin UHMAZE. And as you can see in the pic, I wasted no time tearing into the skinny donuts. (Despite my healthy eating obsession, Chocolate donuts are my first love and my deepest desire.)

Thank you to everyone who is kind enough to send us stuff. Often time we get boxes with no note about who they're from, so if you don't get a thank you that's why. Just know: every little thing sent our way is totally appreciated and provides us a little joy pocket in our day, and, most importantly, reminds us we are not alone in this journey, Amelie is not alone in this journey. 


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