throwback pic

taken Oct 16. Phoebe flew into town (her nanny when we lived in VA Beach. She was such a vital ingredient to our existence as a family during those rough years. Hubbs used to say, "can we just buy Phoebe? Own her, keep her here all the time?" I heard the question, "is phoebe coming to help today?" about 1billion times while I lived there. She was the only person Bravery would allow to put him to sleep besides me. Amelie would miraculously sit still for an hour while she intricately braided her hair. Phoebe was always present, at the house, for date nights, beach trips, and we all loved her. She gave us freedom, sanity, and the kiddos couldn't get enough of our darling Phoebe). We were inpatient here, getting a physical therapy appointment, and Amelita was working SO HARD to stand up, to try to walk, to wave. She could barely make out a few words, and she still SMILED. It really was a beautiful time. 

This was such a hopeful time in the hospital--when we thought she would walk, talk and run again.  we had started the process of rehabilitation, and for us it was only a matter of time before she would fully recover. We did not know then the horrible reality that this was necrosis, that this is progressive. We thought it was an isolated incident and, though the road be hard, we would overcome it. I was optimistic and even looking forward to the challenge. Cancer wasn't really on the radar any more.

We were wrong.

But I'm still optimistic. Even if the worst of things happen, because there really is no other way to be. Doesn't mean I'm not down in the dumps, b/c I am frequently, but I don't stay down.

This pic illustrates this feeling perfectly. look at that wave!!!! Hi Amelie!!!! What up girl!!! It's a reminder to me that, one way or another, in this life or the next, she will be waving to me again.

So, as you embark on your day, just picture lil Lulu waving to you, lifting you up. Our pal John Lee (I call him the Ginger Jesus. Because if Jesus were a ginger, he'd have looked like John Lee, for real!) always says, "Be Inspired. Be encouraged."