Thank you God for cousins.

Mine were like siblings growing up, a lot of them. I mean, A LOT. (Over 30 first cousins alone on my dad's side, 25 cousins on my Italian side) the Hubbs doesn't have as many, but the ones he has are amazing and always there for us. They were here,m visiting from Chicago, spending a lovely summer day on the beach with us,  just days before Amelie was diagnosed, where Amelie was lethargic, weak, and we just thought she had a stomach bug. (I remember getting irritated she wouldn't play in the water. Funny how horrible guilt has haunted me for that and likely always will) so I have always felt like they carried a special part of this journey with us and it was God's way of showing us: we're not going to be alone during this hell. And we haven't, not for one minute. 

im so grateful Amelie has little girl cousins she felt like were extra sisters, and, moving forward in this bleak unknown future, with the possibility that our son could very well be an only child, I'm filled with gratitude that Bravery has all these extra siblings (whom he begs to see and also fights with all the time, it's adorable and annoying) so he won't ever feel alone.



this photo was taken this weekend, the day before Lulu kind of just crashed. How divinely inspired is it that she had this time with them.

and can we talk about lulu's punk rock hair do. 


cousins making the pilgrimage to Legoland, aka, Little Boy Mecca.