A Little Amelie's Angels Gang

The day of her baby son's passing, Cristina texted me, "We want to come see Amelie."

I was floored. Seriously? In this moment, she wasn't thinking about herself or her own grief, she was thinking about MY LITTLE GIRL. I was (am) honored.

Sebastian Junger once said, "The antidote to suffering is helping others." This was a perfect example.

A week later, Cristina, Steve, and her little gang of ladies showed up. A few short minutes later, I hear this hilarious singing and laughing...it was a celebratory noise oddly out of place in this somber house. they were SINGING to Amelie in her room. Women who have never even met her, began singing and laughing like it was a 3rd grade sleepover party! Next thing I knew, they painted Amelita's nails! I loved it. I loved them.

The entire night was deeply moving, funny, and I found myself truly enjoying this Angel Gang, this coven of women who, even the most casual observer could recognize, were obviously very close friends. They made Amelie feel like a princess (and, it should be noted, Bravery was vexatious about the lack of attention, which I dutifully recompensed the next day by giving him no less than 8 hours of my attention, after which I was quite literally counting the hours until he started summer program at school the next morning).

THANK YOU Amelie Angel Gang. Y'all could have very easily stayed within your den, I mean, home, and cried and mourned, but instead, you chose to bestow your loving energy on my sweet baby Lulu. Your visit (and the $50 Cardiff Crack burgundy tritip I got, which was even better for breakfast) transformed our Father's Day weekend into something special. It's amazing to me how I can STILL be surprised by people's kindness. #sisterhood #ameliesangels I guess this is what Dr. Crawford meant as "the right way."

{p.s. girls, you're not going to be happy with this but.....below is the video. It's just TOO adorable not to share. Get over it. It's done. Its on the World Wide Web forever. notice Bravery in there, beggin for a marshmallow, nice try buddy.}