Auntie Penny!!!

Ok, first of all, her name is Peggy. PEGGY, after our angel Grandmother. But since Amelie could never quite get the "guh" sound of the letter "G", her name became Auntie Penny. Even Bravery corrected me this weekend, "no mommy it's auntie PENNNNYY."

She is that auntie that all the kids adore--she doesn't have any kids yet, so when she comes into town they get her full attention. She's their favorite. and my favorite. Who am I kidding, she's everyone's favorite!

We flew her in because we were--i'm being straight up--scared Amelie was nearing the end. Amelie and Auntie Penny haven't been together since January, and it was long overdue. Thankfully, Amelie stabilized, and her nights, although suctioning requirement intense, were relatively peaceful.

Having her here with Amelie and Bravery was just the thing we needed. it's hard to describe the bond she and Amelie have. It's special. always has been. always will be. Plus Aunti Penny makes me laugh like nobody else, I just sort of silent laugh cry snort inhale every time she's here, and when I try to explain it others, I just get the "you're idiots" look. She even put Hubbs in a good mood!!

yay aunti penny!