Be Brave.

Bravery Boy, praying over sissy:


kissing sissy's hand:


aaaand....running away as soon as he realizes Mommy was watching (he will only do this if he thinks they're alone #bashful)


Bravery is the energy and life of the house--he makes us all laugh, keeps every moment LIGHT, is full of humor (sometimes too much) and, as long as he's keeping his clothes on (naked 4 year old boy humor gets old real quick. he refers to his "parts" as "my tenders" and has no problem repeating that over and over), we love every minute of it!

we talk to him very openly about death and Heaven, and his therapist (another angel in our lives) helps guide him through his emotional turmoil during this time. He was struggling pretty intensely for awhile there, but seems to have come out the other side--he's no longer in the Dark Side of the Force (i had to throw that in there, shameless Star Wars reference #iknowthatwascheesy). 

thank you Bravery, for keeping us all sane. We love u buddy.

Now pull your pants back up and go back to bed.



¡mi amorè!