a little happy happy joy joy

I watched the news this morning, and it was so depressing, I wanted to cry. The news was way more depressing than watching my Amelie suffer, believe it or not. It was just like, UGGGHHH.

So, I just opened my music and said, "siri, play me a song. any song." and this is what came up.

it's PERFECT. siri could have picked Sarah McGlaughlin or the most depressing cry my face off song ever (like Rise Up, by Andra Day. my God that song makes me BAWL my eyes out.) but Siri, not coincidentally (b/c at this point, if you still think there are coincidences out there, you're cray cray) chose this song for me. it shall be my anthem today. and may it be yours, even though I have no idea what it's about. and the video is even better. a bunch of hippies dancing around gleefully. I want to dance around gleefully. and by golly, I will today. so too, i hope someone reading this will too. f*&#k the News. dance.