Night shift numero dos

so We're heading into another night shift. Boss and Brave are sleeping like two grizzly bears in our bed, and I'm sitting next to Lulubunz. We gave her a 🛀🏻 bath 🚿 tonight and that wore her out. and wore me out. 

I pray this shift goes as smoothly as last night, and I'm writing a post to put it out there in the universe, a public prayer if you will, to WILL it so.

Poor babes has needed suctioning like every 10 minutes though, so I'm hoping the meds kick in and give her respite. Suctioning sucks. (Yes that was a pun, the lowest form of wit.) it really does though, literally and figuratively. The machine is so effin loud. I want to kick it across the room. I have to wrap a blanket around it bc it's so audibly vociferous it makes me cringe. I know Amelita would scream at it if she could; she HATED loud noises (such as air dryers in public bathrooms, fireworks, or the whap-whaping of pipes from daddy's motorcycle). Next, we take this super long really thin latex tube and shove it down her throat as far as it can go. I mean, can u imagine that, it's awful. and we do it over and over, bc I'm not going to let her choke to death or suffer in that way. She has no gag reflex at this point though so that makes it better. 

I have the diffuser blowin full steam ahead (I'm full of puns tonight) and Disney princess music 🎶 lulling her to sleep. 

my brother is coming in two days and I'm so excited. He makes me laugh and Amelita LOVES him. And I'll make him do a night shift so there's that. (Rest up bro!)


thank you to all you Amelie's Angels out there For the texts, calls, notes, gifts, and, most of all, the prayers. They DO make a difference. Y'all DO.make.a.difference. Every act of kindness keeps this family uplifted, never forget that. 

buonanotte baci baci



amelies mommy  


😴 nap time 😴 

My friend Tania famously said, "dads? They get the best life. They get the most sleep, all the credit, their meals handed to them, they're the 'fun ones' and they look better with age. in my next life, I want to come back as a dad."  hahaha