Little Lulu Riding Hood

I'm a little exhausted from my night shift last night (no, I didn't make Uncle Luke do the night shift. Actually, more accurately, Bravery wouldn't allow it. He insisted on a sleepover in his room). I did manage to grab the 3+4 hours of sleep, but unfortunately, Amelie was still having a lot of seizures (about 4-5), needed frequent suctioning and albuterol treatments, and I had to reposition her frequently. The poor thing. She was exhausted too. I enjoyed her though. She held my hand, she squeezed, she sighed, she snored...she is with me. And her checks are so squishy, I can barely stand it I love them so much! Those cheeks give me courage and comfort, those chubby little cheekies fill my heart and warm my soul. I wasn't even that tired last night, I enjoyed her company so much and the honor of taking care of her, I found myself smiling at 4am just being with my girl in the calm quietness of her room.



But, since I'm no longer a spring chicken and the tiredness that has been marinating in my bones all day has finally set in, (and because we just said goodbye to Uncle Lukey, and Bravery and I cried all the way home from the airport) I'm going to keep this post brief…

I saw this picture on my phone and I thought it was the perfect image heading into the weekend!!!!

At one point, Amelie was obsessed with Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad 🐺 Wolf.  That's not hyperbole, she was OBSESSED. But I always changed the story around--little red riding hood, instead of screaming helplessly, terrified of the wolf with no way to save herself from attack, running around the house like a scaredycat and being saved by some random hunter man who just happened to be walking by (that whole scanrio is so sexist, demeaning, archaic, and just plain stupid. I hate it), I gave Amelie the empowered version: Little Red kicked the wolf's ass, sending him in a fearful frenzy right out the door, never to return or mess with Little Red ever again. Amelita liked that ending better. and so does Mommy.

This was her, all dressed up and ready to kick some wolf butt. 


So, as you embark on your weekend or in life remember that: you don't need some random person to miraculously come by and save you. You have everything within yourself. Why??? because God's love lives within you. It's very real, very powerful, and cannot ever be destroyed. With it, you can seriously kick the "wolf" or whatever demon that haunts you, right outta your house, never to return again. Just need to:::: Be Brave.

(and maybe learn a little king fu too.)