words to grieve by.

The cards we've received have been plentiful and lovely, ranging from short and sweet, to wordy and wise.

A lot of cards read "no words will ease your pain" or "I know words cannot lessen your grief."

I want to set the record straight: that is not true. words DO ease our pain. God's words. your words. Hubbs and I separately spend time every day in The Word. These cards DO lessen our grief! These cards, texts, emails, voicemails, DO ease pain. All of THEM. So if you ever think, "oh I am not going to say anything to someone going through serious horrible shit I have no experience in" think again. There are no perfect words. And sometimes even saying nothing, just give a hug or a silent prayer, b/c each one is felt, each prayer helps us, eases grief. [sidenote: Please just don't compare the death of a loved one, a human, to that of a pet. please. I have heard that happens often, I've heard this from several widows and parents, and while the loss of a pet can be INTENSE (not a day goes by that I don't think about our dog, Bastogne. his loss hit us HARD and I'm still getting over it, so trust me, I understand that can be agonizing.) but it's just not the same. I don't care that much for me personally, I'm living in a space these days where anger towards others doesn't have much of a home, these aren't instructions for me, but I have been told this by others who were deeply insulted. ok, i'm done.]

....getting back to the point, WORDS, YOUR WORDS, DO EASE OUR PAIN!!! Please know, I am deeply grateful for ya'lls notes.

Eloquent or simple, deeply profound or unsophisticated truths, they're all amazing and penetrate my heart.

A few have caught me off guard in their message, and I'd like to share....

"May you always feel her presence in the morning's first rays of sun on your cheeks, the afternoon ocean breeze cooling your brow, and the vibrant colors of sunset at days end."

"Amelie's short time here brought so many people together in love and great compassion and brought out the best in all of us. I will feel her hand in mine, hear her sweet giggle, see her beautiful smiles as we walk along together in my mind, singing silly songs. Amelie will always have a place in my heart."

"I love you friend."

"[Amelie's] strength and spirit to persevere, buoyed by her family, is what so any of us wish for in our heart of hearts."

"Thank you for sharing her with us."

"We will always think of her smiling with a face full of curls."

"May God be with you and your family."

"I am so thankful I had the privilege of knowing her and spending time with her....Everything I say feels inadequate, but I just want you to know my heart grieves deeply with you both as a mother and as your friend." {hello tears}

"Thank you for, in the midst of what you are going through, to be able to encourage me, I'm grateful." {no, it is I who am grateful}

"There are no words to describe the journey you all have been on these past years. Led by the invincible AMELIE, we have experienced the deep crevasses of despair and grief and the soaring heights of joy and victory. She helped us all grow in wisdom and courage. She revealed our strengths and forced us to look at our weaknesses {yep, that's definitely true} She stripped us of our disillusions and laid bare our vanities. Amelie gave us all these gifts--and more. She made us more honest, more humble, and, hopefully, more forgiving." {WHOA. that's some writin' there}

and, one of my personal favorites, the only line in the card that read: "This f$*%&@!in sucks." hahaha that one just made me laugh

I am taking my time opening each card. One.at.a.time. To drink in the message as if the person (ya'll) are here speaking them to me directly.

THANK YOU for all of your words.