Amelie's Celebration of LIFE

 We are going to have a celebration of life for Amelie, in lieu of a funeral or memorial. We decided (well, I decided long ago, but needed time to process. Me and "the process")only way is, let's face it, to have a beautiful party that is ALL ABOUT HER.

Date: September 30, 2017

Location:  TBD (somewhere San Diego, CA)

open to public (unless you're a crazy weirdo, please, stay at home). 

Attire: pink is required. Amelie's favorite color is pink. Purple an acceptable alternate. Yes, men too. Unless you're active duty, then we kindly request full dress blues. No black please. And please look a little presentable. Amelie loved dressing up, and thus to honor her fabulous taste, please leave the higher sweatpants at home. 

 I don't know exactly what it will entail, all I know is that we want a celebration, not a sob fest. I want us to laugh and smile and tell stories and praise God for Amelie Fira, and most of all, sing!! 🎶 🎶 

then eat. A lot.  and sing some more. 

(PS Princesses and Princes welcome) 


We are going to have it filmed and then post it online, so if you are not able to attend, do not fret, the blog will host it forever.

in the meantime....we're going to Hawaii right now. I mean like, right, right now. To bond and heal.