"Guess what?"

Today we had the lovely honor of having Ayzia, Amelie's best friend, over at the house all day. Bravery was ecstatic. He had Sophie and Ayzia all to himself, he loved it. They spent the morning in Amelie's hot tub, then ate pancakes in their suits outside.

At which point I heard Bravery exclaim, "Ayzia, guess what?" He asked with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm...."What?" she inquired..."My sissy is in HEAVEN!" He was proud, bragging, announcing. That was like a slap in the face to me, then I realized, wow, my 4 year old is handling this better than I am.

Bravery loves his sissy, he has been so distracted by cousins and ice cream and the new Cars 3 movie, he's been on cloud nine (pun not intended)...but, in a quiet moment, where he witnessed me cry despite my awkward attempts to shield him from my giant tears, he walked over, held my face and asked, "why are you sad mommy? are you sad for Amelita?" yes I am. "It's ok Mommy. It's ok to be sad I think. Take Bastogne, [his new stuffed animal dog he named himself, after our dog Bastogne, who died 2.5 years ago] he'll make you feel better."

Thanks Brave.