A star in the heavens has been named for you!

 Amelie's Angels, there is a star in the sky that is now named after our Amelie!!!!

Thank you so much to the girls at Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Here are the telescopic coordinates, if anyone wants to look at it one night bc I know some of you just happen to have an astronomical compendium laying around that you want to read lol)  

this is so special!!! A little Amelie star shining brightly in the sky!

 It's located near the Pegasus constellation, how perfect is that? Amelita loved unicorns and Pegasus (esp the one from Princess Sofia, she used to say' "hey it's Maximus! Pronouncing it "maxthimuth!")

Pegasus Constellation


RA23h32m16.88s D 12° 54' 24.70"