Surfer Brave

One of the things we've been struggling with Bravery is his fearful refusal to try new things. He used to be adventurous and fearless, but after Amelie's diagnosis, and a few emergency trips to the ER where we had to leave him with neighbors suddenly in a moment of panic that left him traumatized, he has developed, naturally, some separation anxiety, severe pickiness with food, refusal to sleep on his own (or go to bed before 9:30pm), and he flat out refuses to try new things. I had to ask for a refund for soccer, he wouldn't even look at the coach and cried every time I tried to put his uniform on. So, when we got to Hawaii, I set up a totally overpriced ($150 for two hours! ouch$) surf lesson. I wasn't sure if he'd even go. We got there, he wouldn't look at the instructor (as per) and cried when asked to take a photo with a surfboard. But somehow, this instructor was so totally animated and bro-ie (a phrase coined by my buddy Kingsbury, upon his recent visit to San Diego after many years away he observed, "man I love it here. everyone is so...just so bro-ie." it's a perfect description of Hawaiians and is a term that has since been wholeheartedly adopted in this house) that Bravery followed this dude straight into the water. It was incredible. Daddy has been trying for a year to get him on the board, and he straight up refused. Yet here is is, young little Braveryboy hoppin' in the water with some surfer guy he met only 5 minutes prior. He loved it so much, even the wipeouts! he said he wants to continue surfing here at home, but "with the same surf teacher ok mommy?" ....uhhhh...thats not gonna happen, but one day you can pick out your own board, Brave, how bout that, deal? "Deal, mommy."

It was a proud parent moment for us, something we haven't had a lot of chances to proud parent moments this year have been Amelie pooping on her own or swallowing a tiny lick of yogurt without choking. So, to see Bravisito up there gettin' after it, made us feel so happy, so normal and just so bro-ie.