I know this is not the best picture of Amelita, but I just got this from my sister and it's so friggin cute. that girl LOVED pirate booty. i mean, LOVED IT!!!! especially when she started chemo and radiation, it was the only thing some days that made her feel normal, happy....she loved finding the weird shaped ones, and would eagerly point them out in excitement, her high pitched voice saying, "look at this one mommy! this one is funny!"

I used to sing, "sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar in suppertime....nooowww it's, booty in the morning, booty in the evening, booty for suppertime!" She, of course, did not get adult pun I was making, but it made her smile nonetheless.

We used to freak out if there was no pirate booty with us in the hospital, and there were many a late night runs to the store or a emergency call to a friend to grab us some pirate booty if we ran out. She happily shared, always asked me if I wanted a bite, which I usually declined b/c, thankfully, I hate Pirate Booty! (I'm so grateful she didn't have an addiction to Doritos, or I would have been 300 lbs. they're like chocolate donuts to me, my one and biggest weakness, the kryptonite of my otherwise impenetrable armor against junk food, and Pirate Booty neither tempted nor enticed me, THANK THE LAWD!) Everyone knew about Amelie's love of Pirate Booty. I want to see about getting it in the Oncology Floor Snack Room, the tiny little room that acts like a miniature convenience store, junk food, chips, coffee, soda, and the occasional cheese stick or fruit cup would show up. Kids going through chemo don't want quinoa or tofu salad, ok, they want highly processed, chemically enhanced food that makes what's left of their obliterated tastebuds soar with delight....and I dont blame em. Anyway, so we went to that snack room like ALL THE TIME. it was the highlight of every--and i mean, EVERY--doctor's appointment. but it never had any Pirate Booty. Sweet little lulu, I could hear her munching on it in her bedroom, watching a movie on her IPad, licking the white cheesy dust off her tiny, delicate, sticky fingers. Any playdate, sleepover, errand, walk, always had Pirate Booty close at hand. I tried getting the organic booty, but she could tell instantly and would chuck it across the room in disgust!

Pirate Booty. all day. every day.