Amelie's Duck pond

One of the things Amelie loved to do most was feed the πŸ¦† ducks bread 🍞 at Paradise Point. 🌴


There were many days when she was too tired to walk, too self-conscious  to be around other kids, too weak and frail to be aeoihdb, her immune system to compromise on able to be around crowds, yet totally fed up with being inside the house all the time or confined within the hospital walls. My mom, her aunties, and even the nurse would take her to Paradise Point to feed the ducks. She loved it. It made her so happy.  I never did. I was too busy, to distracted, to overwhelmed, and I always wanted 5 minutes of a quiet house. I knew if she was there, feeding her ducks, she was happy, entertained, peaceful. Even in a wheelchair, unable to speak,  she enjoyed it. Hence my guilt at not spending that time with her was lessened. Now, I look back on it, and I should have just taken her myself, just the two of us, and let all that work, all those errands and chores that weren't immediate necessities, go to the wayside...


 It is such a calm, secluded place. The chairs sit on this beautiful dock, while the birds and ducks roam about everywhere. You don't hear the noise of cars, or the chatter of busy tourists, or the incessant beeping of hospital machines… It's so calming, and she really. did. love. it.  


 That is precisely why we are having her celebration of life there. It's a small room, and hopefully we won't go over capacity, but to me it is so much more sentimental, more meaningful, and much more special to have it there. Her SPIRIT is there.


We took Bravery and Amelie, ugh I meant Athena (that was a typo that I left as is, bc that is what happens with me all day long) to feed the ducks in the same spot. They loved it. I heard Bravery say to this lovely, large, clearly overfed fatty of a white duck, in this high pitched baby voice, like a grandma cooing to an infant, "you're a sweetie, yes you are! Yes you are! little sweetie pie!" 

Brave, you're the sweetie pie.Β