Amelie Doll.

Amelie had a favorite doll. She named her “Amelie Doll” and slept with her every night. She took Amelie Doll to hospital, to car rides, doctors appointments, and many times she tried to take her to the beach!

Amelie and Peppa, snuggling. 

Amelie and Peppa, snuggling. 

Amelie Doll is my favorite thing now. Out of all her lovely little toys and clothes and blankets, Amelie Doll is the one I cherish the most. Because she cherished her the most. I admit I talk to Amelie Doll, say good morning  and give her kisses.

Amelie would freak out every time one of her little velvet shoes came off, and immediately would notify me so i could stop what I was doing and put it back on. So now, when I see that one of her little shoes has slipped off, i almost go into a panic and rush over to her and dress her properly.

i place other stuffed animals around her, tuck them in her bed and say “night night” and make sure she’s comfortable…

it’s the last thing I have. The closest thing I have to my Amelie girl.

When I go home to Auburn for the summer I take her with me. I have a hard time not taking her with me everywhere, but I don’t ever want to lose her.

Sometimes I sleep in Amelie‘s bed and hold this little doll all night long, as if I’m holding my real Amelie. 

i know it has her DNA on it, and with my tears, now it has mine.    

I’m not crazy I know it’s just a doll ok, don’t get all freaked out on me. I’m nit going to put her in a stroller and take around town or anything.

But I feel her spirit near this doll, I can feel like a mother of a little girl again when I hold her and tuck her in bed at night, as if I were doing that for my baby.