Amelie’s room got its own Christmas tree this year, a white one with pink glittery ornaments. (plus it was only $8 from target, score!)

someone gave me a silver angel ornament that I discovered in the Christmas storage bins, and it fits perfectly as a tree topper.


I have these pink twinkly lights that she would just love. It’s funny, no one tells you what to do with your dead kid’s room. So I just call it “Amelie’s play room” to make it less weird / sad. I decorate it and try to infuse a sense of celebration and Christmas trees, esp glittery ones, are always rad.



Last year so many people gave us angels. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep them all (honest transparency), but I put them with our Christmas storage in any event. When I pulled out the holiday decor this year, I re-discovered them. 

i took the angel figurines to her room and, without even thinking about, instinctually, I arranged them all around her photo on her night stand. They fit pretty nicely. I have a tiny led candle that I leave on all the time. It flickers faintly and brings a sense of movement to an otherwise very motionless room. 

Walking away a thought came into my head, “all the arc angels of heaven, surrounding Amelie and lifting her up in light and love.”  

As a Catholic, angels are inexpressibly important to me. They’re real. They surround us every moment and believe in you, regardless of whether you believe in them.  and It was Angels that carried her from this dark, heavily chaotic realm to the place where light rules, where we were created and will remain.