how precious a smile is...

a smile is, in my opinion, THE most taken for granted aspect of our human existence. How precious her smile was, sweet Amelie.

SMILE today. Share one. Receive one. Remember one. smile and think of Amelie.....and for God’s sake be nice today—not to someone, but EVERYONE. Yes, even over the phone. Yes, even you lady in the silver accord who called me an ‘ASSHOLE’ simply bc I was stopped at a stop sign and waited for a elderly woman to cross slow as a glacier. I just smiled at her, and said, hi.

‘ASSHOLE.’ She said again, I smiled bigger. She sped off around me, shaking her head in disgust for, what I can only assume, was meant at all of the human race, for having to spend 15 extra seconds being courteous to an elderly woman. She can’t hurt me. I’ve already had the worst happen to me. But I felt a sort of deep-seeded compassion and sadness for her—for having “a disgust inclination” so readily willing and intense. A compassion for her—for being able to say that word to a stranger with such little indifferent civility (Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice anyone?)

 I sound like I’m venting, I’m not. It shocked me, but didn’t hurt me. And it’s very easy to think “she’s an asshole calling you such an asshole!” But that would just be buying into more and more of the same.ole.crap.

Just Be KIND and SMILE. Smile BIG and WIDE and toothy and gummy and eyes crinkly and freely and easily and warmly and with civility.