A Heavenly Celebration

The one year anniversary is rapidly approaching. It's been a tough month. Knowing it's a day we will have to experience has been weighing on us. To counter that, we decided (well, I decided. the Hubbs would prefer to be alone, but he's doing this because he knows it's what we need as a family) to CELEBRATE the fact that Amelie is in Heaven. yes, I said fact. I don't want July 1 to be a day I just have to DRUDGE through, crying all day, despondent and alone, trying my best to put on a smile for Bravery while I cook dinner and do the dishes. That sounds good for a Friday night, but not July 1. I don't want the day to go by as if it's any other day...because it's not.


That being said, I don't have the energy to plan a massive party. I have very little ability to get my daily functions in as it is, and I don't want the stress of anything else. It would take away from what we're trying to do anyway, which is to honor Amelie! and Uncle JT! So a lovely little gathering, at the beach park for sunset, with a bonfire, music, smores, and just a bunch of folk who LOVE Amelie coming together, potluck family style event, where we sit in beach chairs, let the kids mess around on the paddle boards, and throw pink rose petals in the water as a symbol of her spirit.

My Invitation.jpeg