I had a small, but beautiful epiphany the other day.  

 One of Lulu’s aunties sent me the most beautiful arrangement of peony  flowers. She also sent me massive bouquets this same time last year. they filled the house with sweet aroma and elegant color, bringing me comfort, abundance in some pretty uncertain, dark days. 


 I was walking by this bouquet other day, admiring just how effin beautiful peony flowers are. Delicate, soft, aromatic, gorgeous, layered, like a floral cloud you want to hold in your hand, when an soft whisper audibly spoke, “they bloom this year not by chance. To soothe. To show. See. Feel. OF her. They bloom for you.”

I never quite realized until just now, and my most favorite flower is in bloom the only time my little girl flower faded away.

Perhaps they are one and the same.