Beautiful Interlude

I wish we were cuddling like this again. I see this image, and my hands  long for you,  my heart breaks for you, my soul feels shattered at you in this state. Immobile. Drugged. Seizing. Eyes glazed. Eyes awake. Eyes compelling me to act but I don’t know how what when.

But here—sleeping. in my arms. At this time I KNEW you were resting....when so many other times I knew not. I only guessed. 

but here, in this moment, you were sound asleep, comfortable, safe. I knew you felt me, I knew you wanted me near, we didn’t need to communicate anymore. The days’ stresses over. The night’s terrors not yet begun. A beautiful interlude of totally stillness and peace. Your tiny hands pale from lack of sunlight, soft as silk, your sweet little being snuggled in my arms. Here, You were calm. content. A mother’s only wish for her baby.