playground off and away....

Since we are moving (again, where is TBD. NO farther 10 min away would be my #1 choice) to what will very likely be a much smaller house, we decided its best to give away Amelie’s playground.

It was given to us through an organization called ROC SOLID who give children with cancer an option at PLAY. Play time is so important, and since they’re often isolated for weeks, months at a time, having a swing-set is a valuable commodity for a child with cancer.

Amelie loved it. She loved to be out there on the swing, always asking someone to push her because she was too weak. “Pustthhh me!” she’d scream, and she’d squeal with delight the higher and higher she rose in the air.

Once Amelie passed away, Bravery basically took it over. It was HIS tower. He stored toys, collected snails, would sneak snacks and an iPad and chill on the slide, even in the blazin SoCal sun. Our playground was a hot attraction for the neighborhood kids, and the sounds of their laughter (and let’s be totally honest here, cries moans wails and fights too) I could hear all throughout my little house. It made our home / yard feel FULL, not so quiet. Amelie was many things, quiet was NOT one of them. So having kids here all the time help fill the deafening silence of her voice gone was a welcomed gift.

I decided it wouldn’t be right to sell it for $$. After all, it was generosity that brought it here and generosity it should leave here. So instead I offered it up online for free, and the first responder (within 12 seconds. No seriously, I’m not exaggerating, after only 12 effin seconds he messaged me.) This rad dude nicknamed Blue ( you know I love me some nicknames), a giant Samoan, has claimed it. He couldn’t believe it was free, and offered me $50 to hold it for him when he realized he couldn’t get it right away.

“Let me ask you, Blue” I responded, “what are you using this for? Are you planning on re-selling it?”

“NO! I am getting this for my two little kids, I have a two year old daughter who’d love this.”

“It’s all yours, for free Blue. All I ask is that you give it to someone else for free when your little girl has grown out of it.”

“Absolutely.” and we both smiled at each other.

and that’s that. He’s dismantling it as we speak, and by tomorrow, it will be gone.